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The SlapHappy Hemp Company Saga

Embark on a journey with us at SlapHappy Hemp Company LLC, where the tenacity of the sea intertwines with the resilience of the land, led by Kara Grady, a visionary with a Navy-cultivated spirit, and her husband, John, a man whose Seabee ingenuity can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


The Birth of SlapHappy

Our story begins in 1996, not just with a visit, but with life in the heart of Naples, Italy. Thanks to Uncle Sam, Kara and John found themselves stationed in this Mediterranean jewel for three years, immersing themselves in the culture, the cuisine, and, most importantly, the tradition of Limoncello. These years weren’t just a holiday; they were a chapter of life, rich with experiences that would later shape the heart of SlapHappy Hemp.

Fast forward through the roller coaster of life, and we find Kara and John back in the States, holding onto nothing but a dream and that secret Limoncello recipe they carried from Naples. In a moment of inspiration, over a batch of homemade Limoncello, John quips about infusing it with Delta 8 THC, sparking a light in Kara's eyes. With her characteristic drive and a knack for turning ideas into reality, SlapHappy Beverage Company LLC is born.


From Limoncello to Hemp Fields

But why stop at beverages? Kara and John see an opportunity in hemp – a plant as misunderstood as it is potent. They recognize its potential, its rebellious nature, and the myriad ways it could enrich lives. Under Kara’s leadership, Slaphappy takes on a new form, transforming from a unique beverage company into the hemp-centric Slaphappy Hemp Company, rich with the spirit of sustainability and nature.

A Rich Array of Hemp Products

Today, our product range is a testament to our journey and the hemp we cultivate in our fields. Each product, from the Pax Centuriounis to the ShieldMaiden Salves, is infused with comfort and history. Our Dolor and Pax tinctures provide solace from life's challenges, while our versatile hemp flower, grown in our own fields, caters to a variety of preferences and uses. The Mellocello and CBD Mellocello, featuring hemp extracts from our farm, offer experiences that uplift and relax without the after-effects of a hangover. Each of our skincare products, from balms to oils, is enriched with the nurturing essence of our own hemp, telling a part of our story with every application. This story isn’t just about hemp products; it's about the paths we've traveled, the laughs we've shared, and the dreams we've realized. It's a narrative filled with the essence of our experiences, from the Mediterranean coasts to the heartland of America.


Embracing Every Moment

Throughout our journey, humor and humanity have been our constant companions. From John's linguistic misadventures in Naples to the many challenges and triumphs we've faced, laughter and resilience have always been at the heart of our story. Our narrative is not just a series of events; it's a tapestry of life's unpredictability and the beauty of embracing every moment.


Join Our Ongoing Adventure

At Slaphappy Hemp Company, we're more than a company; we're a living story, a family expanding with each new chapter. We invite you to be part of our journey, to share in the products born from our experiences, and to find a piece of your own story in ours.

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Kara's naval career, spanning from 1989 to 1993 and resuming in 1996, where she met John, took her from the historic landscapes of Naples, Italy, to the dynamic shores of San Diego. In San Diego, she was assigned to Beachmaster Unit One (BMU 1) aboard the USS Tarawa, an amphibious assault ship. Her assignment to BMU 1, honed her leadership and resilience. This period was not just about service but also about forming connections and experiences that would later influence her entrepreneurial journey.


A pivotal moment came in October 2000, as the USS Tarawa navigated the Strait of Hormuz en route to the Persian Gulf. The tragic attack on the USS Cole in Yemen had a profound impact on Kara, who later worked alongside the survivors. Kara recalls the stories of survival, how small decisions, like lingering a few extra minutes, made a significant difference. These experiences shaped her worldview, teaching her the weight of choices and inspiring her to infuse this wisdom into Slap Happy Hemp Company, aiming to bring joy and thoughtful innovation to every product.



John's journey began in the United States Marine Corps in 1994, evolving into a transformative role as a Navy Seabee in 1996. That same year marked a pivotal moment in his life - meeting Kara in Chicago, a meeting that would eventually write a new chapter in their lives. John's military career was dynamic and far-reaching, encompassing various global contingency operations, including two significant deployments to Iraq. His commitment also led him to Mississippi for disaster recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina, a testament to his adaptability and resilience.


John’s ethos, shaped by the motto "Semper Gumby - Always flexible," reflects the innovative and versatile spirit of the Seabees. His multifaceted skills, described humorously by Kara as being a "jack of all trades and master at none." John's passion for flavors, initially manifesting as a cost-saving hobby in homebrewing. This journey into the world of flavors and experimentation is now at the heart of Slap Happy Hemp Company, where John, under Kara's careful supervision and guidance, crafts the unique and refreshing products that SlapHappy is known for.


We are a certified Homegrown By Heroes producer of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

The Homegrown By Heroes label (HBH) is the official farmer veteran branding program of America and is administered nationally by the Farmer Veteran Coalition. It certifies ranchers, farmers, and fisherman of all military eras to sell their product as veteran owned and produced. The label informs consumers that agricultural products donning the logo were produced by U.S. military veterans, and it allows veterans to differentiate their farm and ranch products in the marketplace.

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