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Hemp Legislation Watch: Urgent Updates and Opportunities

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of hemp legislation, significant discussions are shaping the future of hemp-derived products, particularly those with intoxicating properties like Delta-8 THC. With only seven days left in Missouri’s legislative session, the urgency for informed action has never been greater.

Hemp leaf graphic overlaid with the complete design of the Missouri flag, showcasing the state seal and patriotic colors.

Missouri's Legislative Countdown

The Missouri legislative session is entering its final week, and the hemp community is on high alert. The Missouri Hemp Trade Association is actively opposing Senate Bill 984 and its House companion, HB 1781. These bills aim to treat cannabinoid products similarly to marijuana, which will drastically affect local businesses by imposing harsh regulations that stifle innovation and growth. As the session nears its close, hemp farmers and entrepreneurs are bracing for the outcome but remain hopeful for a favorable resolution​.

Social media graphic titled 'Looking Back and Moving Forward' featuring an open book with a hemp leaf illustration and text about legislation on one page, and a scenic view of a path leading through hemp fields towards a bright horizon.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

If you missed our last post, we delved into the initial impacts of proposed hemp legislation and its potential effects on businesses like ours. As the current session draws to a close, we're not just waiting; we're actively preparing to bring you exciting updates. Once we breathe that sigh of relief, expect a cascade of fresh content from us—delicious new recipes, exciting product updates, and groundbreaking industry innovations.

Photograph of a transparent bottle labeled 'Mello Cello', containing yellow liquid, secured with a swing-top cap and placed on a colorful tablecloth under bright sunlight. Beside it stands a small glass filled with the same yellow liquid, set against a backdrop of green hemp plants.

Spotlight on Slaphappy Hemp's Mellocello

Here at Slaphappy Hemp Company, we encourage you to celebrate your freedom with our Delta-8 infused beverage, Mellocello. As regulatory winds might shift, now is the perfect time to stock up on this unique product that promises both relaxation and a touch of rebellion. Don’t miss out on enjoying your liberty with every sip!

Graphic of two hands positioned above a ripple effect in water, caused by a hemp leaf and a separate heart, both falling towards the ripple's center.

Supporting A Thousand Ripples Amid Legislative Changes

As the Missouri legislative session concludes, crucial hemp-derived therapies for veterans and cancer patients face potential restrictions due to SB 984 and HB 1781. Our non-profit, A Thousand Ripples, which has provided over 15 pounds of cannabinoid therapies and supports community wellness through events like Smoke Fest, could see its mission compromised. We're dedicated to maintaining access to these essential treatments and continuing our educational outreach to ensure informed, safe usage of cannabis products. Your support is vital as we advocate for reasonable legislation that protects access to cannabinoid therapies for those in need.

The Journey of Our Little Ladies

Post-session, join us on an enchanting journey to our Field of Lesbos, where only the finest female hemp plants are cultivated. At Slaphappy Hemp, we maintain a strict female-only policy to ensure the highest quality, as male plants are removed early in the season. This careful selection process is vital for our cultivation strategy, and we can't wait to share more about these dynamic ladies with you!

Support Missouri Hemp Farmers

The Missouri Hemp Trade Association has been instrumental in advocating for reasonable hemp legislation at the Missouri Capitol. Their relentless efforts help safeguard the livelihoods of local hemp farmers and ensure that the industry can continue to provide innovative and beneficial products to our community.

Logo of the Missouri Hemp Trade Association featuring a large green 'M' next to a circular icon with a hemp leaf cut-out. Below the icons, the text reads 'MISSOURI HEMP Trade Association' in green uppercase letters.

As we continue to advocate for fair hemp legislation and celebrate the innovations within our industry, Slaphappy Hemp Company remains dedicated to delivering high-quality, impactful products. Stay informed, stay prepared, and let’s thrive together in the ever-green landscape of hemp.

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