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Planting Monarch OG – A Tribute to Papa on D-Day

Updated: Jun 6

Today was one of those days that really puts life into perspective. John despite being put through the wringer with an endoscope and colonoscopy (yes, basically spit-roasted), made damn sure he planted our first cultivar of the season: Monarch OG. Because on our small farm, everything we do means something, and this one hits home.

Kara gave the green light to honor John’s grandfather, William ODow Bazzle—Papa to us—a Navy coxswain at D-Day and later in the Pacific. Today, being D-Day, we planted Monarch OG in his honor. Monarch OG, with Papa being the patriarch of my mom’s side, fittingly took root on this significant day.

The shadow box John made for Papa.

Now, here’s a twist of fate: this cultivar didn’t fare as well as the others, so only 42 plants made it. But you know what? That number feels right. As fans of Douglas Adams will tell you, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Today, as we reflect on the sacrifices made for our freedoms, we also embrace the quirks and coincidences that make life interesting. Stay tuned as we share updates on each cultivar’s journey. This is more than just farming; it’s about honoring the past and celebrating the present.

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