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Discover the heart of culinary delight with Slaphappy Hemp's Felix Folia Infused Olive Oil. Crafted with passion, our CBD extract is sourced directly from the lush hemp fields of our farm, ensuring each drop is as pure as nature intended. After rigorous testing for quality and potency, we've paired our exceptional hemp extract with the finest Italian olive oil, renowned for its robust flavor and smooth finish. Felix Folia is not just an oil; it’s a testament to tradition and innovation, designed to enhance your dishes with a touch of wellness and a burst of exquisite taste.


Elevate your cooking to new heights with Felix Folia Infused Olive Oil. Whether you're whipping up a classic Italian dish or experimenting with new recipes, our oil adds a luxurious twist to your culinary endeavors. Ideal for drizzling over salads, mixing into pasta, or adding a flavorful finish to grilled vegetables, Felix Folia introduces a subtle hint of relaxation and an outstanding flavor profile that delights the senses. Embrace the fusion of Slaphappy Hemp's dedication to quality and the rich heritage of Italian olive oil with every meal.

Felix Folia