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Introducing Pebble Donations: Cast yours to make a Ripple of change!

In the heart of Missouri's wine country, alongside the Slap Happy Hemp Company, Kara and John have ignited a movement with A Thousand Ripples. This non-profit shines a light on the belief that individual actions can create expansive waves of change. By donating a Pebble, you're not just supporting a cause; you're actively participating in a collective effort to uplift veterans and cancer patients.


Each Pebble donation fuels our unique offerings, from access to Smoke Fest (Hermann MO) for local heroes to our heartfelt Ripple Drops of John's art. More importantly, your contribution extends the reach of our cannabinoid therapies, provided at no or minimal  cost, ensuring those in need receive the support they deserve.


But there's more to your Pebble than meets the eye. Funds not directly allocated to therapies are channeled into an ambitious dream: a serene glamping cabin amidst our lush hemp fields, offering a tranquil retreat for our brave veterans and resilient cancer fighters.


Join us in casting your Pebble into the pond of possibility. Together, let's create ripples that build into tidal waves of hope.